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We offer full production, pre-production and executive production services, in either our preferred studios or at a studio of your choice. Multi award-winning producer Chrisse Feros is able to work closely with and mentor her clients through the processes of music production, taking away a lot of the worry from the recording artist, such as finding the right musicians, finding the right engineer and studio for the job, having studio charts, budgeting the project, song formatting, mixing, graphics, printing and co-ordinating all facets of the project within the given time constraints.


















Our mastering guru is Michael Fossenkemper, the genius behind the mastering of Matisyahu's Youth, Profanation by Praxis (Bill Laswell), The Unforgiven by the Crash Test Dummies, Santana's Greatest Hits album, Version Born by Sly & Robbie, Sting, Angelique Kidjo and Mantra Dub by Chrisse Feros. Michael is based in New York, USA and BadBubba Records chooses to send all production by Chrisse Feros to Michael's studios.

We are able to provide assistance with your mastering needs upon inquiry. Let us help you to have the best product possible.


When teamworking with a producer, the engineer's primary job is to monitor the quality of the project to the requirements of the producer. Highly experienced and creative recording engineers can assist the artist's product immensely. A great producer and a great engineer, working together on your project can bring it to world-class levels.


Producers who have had an outstanding influence on the work of Chrisse Feros and music she writes or produces are Bill Laswell (USA), Don Was (USA), Quincy Jones (USA) and Steve Francis (AUS).

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Chrisse feros

What is Music Production?

The goal of music production is to produce top-quality music by providing a cohesiveness that is conceptualised and applied to the entire project.

It is an energy that is carried through the project, an essence that people often hear coming through the song. The producer's job is one of the most important in the recording process. The guidance that a skilled producer offers will take your initial song concepts and bring them to full fruition.

Producers have evolved into 3 main types - executive, music and engineering.

The Music Producer

The music producer focuses on the music, arrangement and execution of the music, and sometimes may assist with writing some of the parts if required. They work out musical ideas to suit the project. They must be able to work with musicians and people at all levels, and show a total respect toward the musician they are producing and the music of that musician.

The Executive Producer

The executive producer is responsible for organising a project, hiring of musicians, organising studios and engineers, mastering suites and printing, if necessary. In some instances the executive producer is responsible for funding given out by record companies and investors who fund projects.


Mastering is the audio step before the manufacture of the CD, where the sound
recording is processed and optimised in order to meet industry standards.

Our Mastering Process